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The Internet ,Help or Hindrance
07-23-2011, 02:50 PM
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RE: The Internet ,Help or Hindrance
(07-23-2011 01:51 AM)Martinuk Wrote:  Some would say that the Internet is killing religion , others would say that it just hides the true facts among a myriad of dross and miss information. Help or Hindrance ?

Arguably it can be said that Religion is fear-based and fear is a powerful motivator, more powerful apparently than reason, and easier to proselytise . Making accessibility to reason easier is the power of the internet and a good way to counter fear by presenting a different world view , allowing an individual access to all the information available on all subjects , especially those topics that can often be twisted to suit .

Or ...Do you feel it’s more difficult to wade through the garbage heap than before this new information age? Is the message more obscure are the facts hidden or is it easy to spot the good and separate it from the bad.

This new age of technology is the only thing that confronts the idea of religion for some people , where their society is run by and their life controlled completely by the church or mosque .

People can more easily find counterpoints, criticism, alternatives and the history of their religious view and the origins of all current and the many extinct religions .

I tend to read through everything I can on a subject that matters to me in any way . That way you learn to sieve through information and spot the frauds . Even if some of that is garbage you can get a reasonable and clear view on a topic.

The internet killed my religion/ cult beliefs.

Growing up, god was an accepted fact. I was raised under very strict religious beliefs. Everyone I knew believed in god.

As an adult, I felt like I needed a break from the strict religion. I knew I would return to god. I just needed a little time away. I decided I would enjoy life for one year and then return to being a devoted christian.

One year turned into five years but I was ready to come back to my religion. I had made new friends. My religion would never allow me to be friends with them so I decided I would just change religions.

I wanted to make sure I chose the correct religion. I started doing research on the internet. I found out there were around 3000 gods worshiped around the world and around 6000 religions.

I came across some youtube videos by nonstampcollector. I thought lightning might strike me at any moment for watching them. Those videos opened my eyes. I can never return to believing in a god.

Without the internet, none of that would have been possible. I might still be searching for the one true religion and one true god.
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