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07-07-2011, 12:40 PM
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Why is it that most people on both sides of any debate , will resist logical and reasonable arguments , it seems there is nothing that can be said that will convince an individual, when logically there must be right and wrong answers, for what is provable that is. Facts about what is the best course of action ,or in the face of strong evidence,it would seem reasonable for a person to be expected to change their view .

Do we only like to change our opinions in private , not to show a change of mind in real time.

Is there a survival instinct here that has evolved in us to stop outsiders influencing our tribe with bad advice ,a trait that is hard wired into us , or is it just a lack of humility in the face of defeat .

I would love to hear our scientifically minded and indeed philosophically minded members try to find some agreement on this subject.
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