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Strange Belief...Baptism by Proxy...
07-16-2011, 02:34 AM
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Strange Belief...Baptism by Proxy...
The Mormon belief that you can save a relative to live with you in the afterlife may appear benign at first look. But after further consideration it starts to raise a few questions of ethics , preclusion of choice and the obvious suspending of the natural order of the universe .

Ethics: Is it ethical to choose a person from your family tree who could have led a life resembling the most abhorrent criminally minded sociopath , then grant them a free pass into paradise ,just because you chant a few words years after their death and dip yourself in water. You could even leave strict instruction to do so then live it up big , safe in this knowledge. I'm not convinced .

Preclusion of Choice : I think I would be horrified , if I wasn't worm food by then , if one of my kids decided after my death ,to ignore the life I lead as a Humanist non believer and proceed to "save" my soul to keep them company on a cloud somewhere. No thanks kids.

I won't even go into the suspension of the laws of nature to begin and achieve these modifications to the past and future ,rewind then edit .

This particular dogma adopted by the Mormons stems from one verse in 1 Corinthians ,taken out of context.

There was a practise traditionally performed by pagans for a long period of time before Christianity.

Just north of Corinth was a city named Eleusis. This was the location of a pagan religion where baptism in the sea was practised for the dead to guarantee a good afterlife. This religion was mentioned by Homer in Hymn to Demeter 478-79. The Corinthians were known to be heavily influenced by other customs. After all, they were in a large economic area where a great many different people frequented. It is probable that the Corinthians were being influenced by the religious practices found at Eleusis where baptism for the dead was practised.

Paul used this example from the pagans in 1 Cor. 15:29, when he said, “...if the dead are not raised, then why are they baptised for the dead?” Paul did not say we.

This is significant because the Christian church was not practising baptism for the dead, but the pagans were.

I read an article recently in a Catholic News site , it claimed that Mormons were requesting microfilms from church archives to use in this practice to go back centuries ,finding ancestors to baptise by proxy.

Bit of a sick practice me thinks.
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