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Priests Who Lose Their Religion ....
09-11-2011, 09:00 AM
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Priests Who Lose Their Religion ....
Ceremony and tradition play a great part in most religions , I know of several people who say they are an Orthodox Jew for instance , accepting the days of celebration and the laws , but say they don't believe in God.

This is quite common in some religions such as Hindu and Jewish beliefs , where greater emphasis is placed on the tradition and lifestyle as opposed to absolute faith.

But has anyone met or know of anyone who is a devout Christian who follows the traditions and ceremony of Christianity , accepting the days of celebration and the laws , but not believing in god .

I am lead to believe there are some priests who lose their faith but continue to work within the church , maybe because it's all they know , has anyone got any views or ideas on this subject , I have read that Daniel Dennett the Philosopher has interviewed several pastors in this situation and seems to think it is not uncommon.
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