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Male chromosome is not doomed, say scientists
02-23-2012, 01:20 AM
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Male chromosome is not doomed, say scientists
[Image: C37P2T_2147620b.jpg]
A study of rhesus macaque monkeys found that while male DNA was lost at first, the rate of reduction tailed off.
Researchers said they hoped their findings would put an end to theories that the Y chromosome was dying out after claims that its 1,400 genes had fallen in number to just 45 in the last three hundred million years.
The belief was named the "rotting Y theory" and was based on an assumption that the Y chromosome would carry on losing genes until it disappeared.
The study looked at the evolution of genes in the rhesus monkey and found it kept just three per cent of its ancestral "autosome" or non-sex chromosome.
Older regions, or strata, of the chromosome have not lost any genes in the past 25 million years, according to the findings published online in Nature.

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